On Women, Adult Friendships and Truth

On Women, Adult Friendships and Truth

Loving Laurie Mucha

From one writer to another I wanted to take some time to pen an article in Laurie Mucha’s name, a fierce mother, entrepreneur, world traveller and all around rock star of a human being.  It seems not too long ago we were prancing through the backstreets of Bali searching for Buddha’s and kaftans that every woman over 50 should covet in her freedom.  Thank you for meeting me there.

As the years go by, we leave bonds of friendship to sentimentality and pleasantries shared over holidays, birthdays and such.  This missive is meant to challenge that tradition in favor of women becoming more than each other’s allies who share platitudes and play the role of passive kindness in lieu of a soul exchange of life as it really is. I want to suggest that meaningful depth in friendship is found in those few people in the world who are willing to hold the mirror of truth in the way they share of themselves and give you feedback with love and total unconditional positive regard. These friends love you without falsehoods, veils and courtesies of social norms. They also inflict no pain or  passive arrows, just pure, mature, powerful, supportive feminine truth.

Laurie knows that in my college years, I struggled with the overwhelm of developing into young adulthood independently while learning to juggle forming romantic relationships, financial independence, leaving home and all of the developmental markers that tell us we are on track.  Laurie wasn’t the type of friend that simply said, ‘oh honey it’s gonna be ok’.  She was the friend that said, “Yup, this sucks, you’ll get through this; now let’s do something about it and go after what we want.”  And for years I watched her juggle young adulthood with intense honesty and zest balancing the hard life stuff with courage and joy. Her life story certainly reads like a novel (and I encourage you to follow her substack to learn more); but I can tell you she is an ally and one determined woman who knows how to hold life in the balance with absolute truth between masculine and feminine embrace, mothering with grace, keeping the ego in check, laughing at it all (HARD) and still grabbing at living with love and joy and persistence in acknowledgement of what a magnificent fucking ride this is we’re on.

So thanks to Laurie and female friendship in the middle years, where across the lines we sing our pain, pleasure and passions with celebration of who we truly are, unfiltered and seen in our essence of love. May all women share this special power that is raw and real in a way that unites us more, uplifts us more, teaches us more to embrace the sweet girl that was pure of heart in her childhood and lives stronger in who she becomes as a woman.

Thanks for being an amazing friend Laurie. Next time, textiles and Kaftans in Morocco.

Laurie Mucha writes I’ll Have What She’s Having: a newsletter for mothers of a certain age offering inspiring ideas, great recommendations, and a few laughs. Subscribe for free at: https://lauriemucha.substack.com  Her upcoming memoir is titled, Pathologically Grateful. She currently splits her time between London, UK and Veyrier-du-lac, France.

Claudia de Llano, holds a Master of Arts in Psychology and  is a Marriage and Family Therapist specialized in multicultural approaches, speaker, lecturer, yoga and meditation guide.  She is the author of The Seven Destinies of Love, A Step-by-Step Guide to Awakening the heart. To learn more about her go to www.theawakenedjourney.com .

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