The Seven Destinies of Love

The Seven Destinies of Love takes a psycho-spiritual look at the developmental stages of learning to love from the womb to the tomb. Each love destiny is a poetic journey of healing and learning to love ourselves, our humanity, our connection to the earth, our inextricability from life, our inclination toward spiritual awakening and our transcendence to death.Many psychological models help us understand child, human, behavioral, personal and relational development, but few teach us about the stages of love from birth to death. Gently guiding us through each destiny, this book teaches about the layers of love within us that need to be revealed and cultivated in order to improve our relationship to self, others and the universe in every stage and dimension of our lives. By honoring our ancestral inheritance to the legacy we leave behind, we discover how to love with purpose and awareness. Such awareness provides a context for connecting to our personal meaning and experience on earth. Love is the teacher, the lesson and the culmination of a destiny fulfilled.Our love destinies are not always linear. We shift in and out of them, sometimes bypass and sometimes only work through parts of them. This book aims to return us to the path of the heart so that we may actualize our destinies from the highest place within us. This is a spiritual journey, fluidly moving through each stage that helps to return us to our innate state of being what we already are – LOVE.

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