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Claudia de Llano is a Marriage and Family Therapist, speaker, yoga and meditation guide. She facilitates peoples’ paths toward awakening of inner harmony and conscious being. 

A healer of the heart, she helps people transcend from stories of pain and challenge to lives of love and fulfilment. She is interested in helping people to clearly define who they are  and help them set foot on the paths they want to live.

Well versed in systemic and strength-based psychological theories, she has helped individuals in clinical and business settings move through life challenges of growth, including partnership, career and personal development.

Claudia’s expertise is embedded in deep multicultural understanding and mind-body-spirit integration through a synthesis of psychological and alternative therapies. Believing that each individual is capable of tapping into their true nature, her passion inspires people to discover their own psychology and their unique life path.

Claudia began her career in entertainment publicity and corporate communications. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology with specialization in multicultural training. She currently serves on faculty teaching master’s degree students at California State University Northridge and Phillips Graduate Institute. Claudia is a certified yoga, meditation and reiki practitioner. Her recent corporate engagements include topics of Resilience, Well-Being, Stress Reduction, Mindfulness and Mental health in the workplace. 

Claudia has lived in 6 countries and continues to travel the world with her husband and daughter.


If you have come to this site, welcome. I won’t fill you with platitudes about timing and reasons, but perhaps we will connect. I’d like to share one of the most defining moments of my life with you.  It was the moment I walked through the doors of graduate school.  The moment was humbling.  I was afraid of everything I did not know and of discovering what I had always been looking for.  I knew in that instant that I was home.  I love my field.  I love the intention and the momentum that psychology created in my life that has led me to this moment.

While teaching various psychological theories for some years, I came to realize that they were all frameworks and ideas that attempt to discover the undiscoverable.  I saw the limitation of theory and began to look for more.  I began to read and study ancient texts and authors from different schools of thought while integrating my learning with understanding the latest science and developments for the real world. 

Here’s what I found.  We have all come to remember the epicentre of the true self. That epicenter is the internal peace of perpetual motion, sound and mechanics that awaken us into connection and presence.  That connection is love.  How you define love belongs to you.  How you free yourself to love belongs to you. How you love belongs to you.  Everything is a relationship.  And who you bring to that relationship is your journey of awakening to the love, the peace, the epicenter that is the oneness of you.

Have a look through my site.  I hope here you will find some inspiration or direction that  will guide you to your journey of awakening.

If you are interested in hearing more wisdom, please leave your name and email to hear about my latest events, guidance and meditations.  You will only receive one message per month.  Much Love, Claudia


Kind words shared by meditation and yoga journeyers.

“A guided meditation with Claudia is one which speaks directly to your soul. Claudia’s calm, knowing, insightful voice instantly transports you to where YOU need to be. I am always left feeling lighter, centred, & ready for life after her sessions. Claudia’s gentle yet powerful energy is infectious, whether you are sharing the room with her or soaking her up through a screen. A true gift.”
- Clare Elsworth
“Claudia is a master at her craft, materialized by her academic and professional expertise coupled with her training in meditation. We all come to meditation seeking refuge from what ails us, and it’s usually not the first stop. Somehow, we find ourselves there hoping and willing. The truth is that not every practitioner is able to be present with what you need, they just hold space in their own process because that’s what works for them. With Claudia, she will look at the experience holistically, attuning her voice, her words, and the environment that truly speaks to your soul and addresses your needs. She’s different than any other and absolutely exceptional!
- Angela Colby
"My experience with Claudia’s inner child integration meditation was a deep sensation of opening and bringing love to myself. It’s quite interesting to see how much we can create with the proper guidance to the mind’s power and the proper setting. Claudia did it so well. The space was beautifully prepared and she even created a small mandala of flowers to open the space, with flowers she picked in the garden outside. For me, just this detail means a lot because you know she is really doing something from her heart, with care and attention. During the meditation she guided me beautifully to meet my inner child and I saw myself, a shining young boy so alive and open. I felt so good to see him. I could see every detail of him. Claudia then guided us to unite our hearts and in that moment a deep sensation of loving and being loved was created. It felt literally that an energy filled up my chest and my being with grace and softness. It was a powerful gentleness that kept my chest area and my energy open for days after that. It was indeed a beautiful and meaningful experience."
- Bruno Di Angelis
“After having tried a couple of yoga classes, I had the chance to join Claudia’s yoga meditation. Until today I am very grateful, that I could experience her mastery and exceptional way of guiding yoga and meditation classes. Claudia practices an unique way of combining different styles of yoga with meditation, always centered at the needs and wellbeing of the participants. She is very sensitive and therefore has the flexibility to adjust to the needs of us participants. So you will never experience deadlocked/reiterated sequences, but a real flow of motion, emotion and energy. Claudia is able to create an atmosphere of trust and comfort -almost intimacy- in her classes, that allows us as a participants to feel safe and free and to be able to let go of pressure and stress of daily life. Thus one can dive into the world of Asanas, breathing and meditation and redefine the inner balance of one's own Ying and Yang to find more harmony.”
- Christiane Hoffmann
“I was lucky enough to meet Claudia in Beijing amid a group of very special women. Claudia has a unique ability to lead with warmth and poise and complements this with a sense of playfulness and continued learning -- this keeps her sessions grounded and real, and makes you want to come back for more. She has a unicorn combination of being able to listen calmly, respond with unfailing thoughtfulness, and still laugh with everyone and at herself whether it's during a sequence or discussing life matters. It's a genuine pleasure to know Claudia and to be in the positive and hopeful environment she creates.”
- Jasmin Tillu
“I started working with Claudia a few years ago when I felt like I had hit a wall in my inner work journey and I needed someone to guide me deeper into self. I wanted something other than therapy or counselling and didn’t really want to talk to heal. Through meditation, Claudia was able to beautifully guide me into many dimensions of self to uncover those parts of me that needed my attention, appreciation and love. Her guidance is gentle but strong and steady. She embodies “the Mother” in all her glory, holding deep, expansive space and love for you so that you may let go and experience your whole wondrous self. I am so grateful for all that she has showed me and the creative meditative practice she uses so expertly to get exactly where you need to go. Her gift is truly far reaching and so enjoyable!”
- Siana Braganza


Claudia holds a Master of Arts in Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute and is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC 47201.

Claudia is an accredited Yoga Instructor She completed 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training In Beijing, China with Sifu Mathew Cohen through his program of Sacred Energy Arts, a unique, integrated system of health and self-development drawing from the teachings of yoga, qigong and martial arts.

Claudia is a certified meditation teacher, studying guided meditation, journeying and light work in Sydney, Australia under spiritual teacher, soul guide, and healer, Lucy Proud.

Claudia is a certified Usui Reiki Master. She has been attuned to all levels by instructor Melissa Crowhurst, and successfully completed Level 1, Level 2 and Master.

Claudia is a certified Advanced Ho’oponopono practitioner. Ho’oponono is an ancient Hawaiian healing system of reconciliation and forgiveness adapted for modern day practice. Instruction by Dr. Joe Vitale, and Mathew Dixon, featuring Dr. Hew Len.

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