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September 6, 2021

The Role of Resilience, Wholeness, and Well-being in Today’s Professional Climate

For May Mental Health Awareness Week

Come join a practical and informative dialogue aimed at facilitating employee adaptation and wellness in the 2021 workplace and beyond. The world and business context continues to evolve around us, and we need to equip ourselves mentally for new challenges and opportunities. 

To do so, we start with building our inner strengths and sense of self, and then extend to colleagues and the workplace. During this webinar, we will

  •     Understand the importance of developing awareness of self and others through concepts of resilience, wholeness and professional well-being
  •     Define the role of resilience as it applies to professionals 
  •     Learn about the role of mental health in challenging times
  •     Explore ways to adapt wellness in the workplace and how it is psychologically defined. 
  •     Experience building new habits and coping techniques through a mindfulness exercise

 Aimed at educating professionals about the role of mental health in the workplace, this webinar will provide information, tools and techniques through mindfulness, and education about relational and professional aptitude. We will connect this with Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme of “Nature” and explore how we can tap into the environment for our mental wellbeing.

Together we will navigate the skills that help us to build our strength, focus and engagement so that we may experience higher clarity, sense of purpose and productivity in your personal and professional setting.

Claudia de Llano, M.A. is a Senior Mental Health Consultant for Bearapy, an award-winning workplace mental health consulting and training company that drives social impact and change in China.

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Come bathe in the relaxing sound of Himalayan singing bowls accompanied by gentle guided meditation.
The unique layers of the singing bowl bring a layer of serenity to our ears that can also have a calming effect on our nervous system.
Sound healing can be offered on its own or in combination with gentle yoga movement and meditation.

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