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5 ways to ask for what you want

Asking for what you want is more than speaking up for yourself, it’s allowing the possibility of getting what you want, the possibility of getting rejected and still finding a way to honor what you seek.  This is a complex process of building your self-worth and courage.  Following are some exploratory questions to identify and begin the process of asserting your needs.

5 Things about me that matter

Strengthening our self-narrative means learning about ourselves in the simplest ways.  If we are to leverage the experiences of our lives, we must look at ourselves through a window of curiosity.  This is a brief exercise into self-discovery about some of the resources that already exist within you.

5 ways to improve self love

Self-love is a life process of staying awake to an open heart.  Life’s experiences are often fraught with doors that shut aspects of our being away from our center. This is an invitation to explore and improve what self-love means through your own words, thoughts, feelings and ideas.

5 ways for leaders to connect with their employees

Leaders who are interested in improving everyone’s bottom line in order to grow their business know that employees can only give you their best when they know what you want for them is the best you would give yourself.   Following are some exploratory questions to create connection with your employees.

5 ways I’d like to improve the world

Our thoughts, feelings and our dialogue shape the world.  By identifying the positive ways in which we would like to transform the world we gain clarity about meaning in our lives.  we can share these thoughts and feelings with others in order to create a wave of change. We can also begin to live through the awareness of the things we identify and apply them to our every day.

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