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An uplifting storyteller, educator and therapist, Claudia de Llano, M.A. has delivered numerous presentations and workshops in private and professional settings around the globe. By blending psychology and business acumen, she provides inspiring and transformational experiences to help audiences and participants integrate and expand their emotional, personal and professional lives.

Claudia creates immersive experiences that take individuals out of the mundane and into a moment of pause, presence and positive reflection.  Her gentle and inspirational approach, awakens the connections we seek to live fulfilled and balanced lives.  She engages by honoring who people already are, honoring their beliefs, values, and strengths in hopes of helping individuals to channel their innate gifts into living inspiration. 

Claudia holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology with a specialization in multicultural training. She currently serves on faculty teaching master’s degree students at California State University Northridge and Phillips Graduate Institute. She is a certified yoga and meditation, Reiki, and Ho’Oponopono practitioner, and continues to practice private counselling online while travelling around the world with her husband and daughter.

Claudia is also certified through Svastha Yoga personal well-being and yoga teacher training (200hr YTT) The principle of Svastha Yoga was taught out of Singapore and India with the aim to lead each individual to integrate holistic understanding and practices from classical yoga texts and Ayurveda with current scientific perspectives offering accessible, insightful and sustainable skills for wellbeing and self care.

Past Professional Presentations Include:

  • Combat Your Stress & Build Systems of Strength – Property Guru – Global
  • Befriending Stress in Challenging Times – Didi/IBG – Global
  • The Role of Resilience, Wholeness and Wellbeing in Today’s Professional Climate – Bearapy, Beijing
  • Creating Wholeness in challenging Times – 2020 Women’s Economy Summit, Beijing
  • The Only Way is Through: Stress Reduction and Mindfulness in the Workplace – The American Chamber of Commerce Beijing
  • Acculturation and Mindfulness in the Workplace – Infiniti Motors, Hong Kong
  • Mindfulness Practices and Benefits in the Workplace – U.S. Consulate General, Hong Kong
  • Return to Centre – meditation , relaxation and mandala workshop – Yoga Sivana, Sydney, Australia
  • The Awakened Journey 8 Week Meditation Experience – Lotus Yoga, Sydney Australia
  • Use of the Co-therapy Model from a Collaborative Perspective – California Family Counseling Center
  • Hot Topics in Clinical Practice: The Therapist’s Experience –  California Family Counseling Center
  • Clinical Treatment of Latino Clients: The Family as the Unit of Treatment – Latino Behavioral Health Institute Conference            
  • The Use of Spanish in Clinical Training and Supervision – Latino Behavioral Health Institute Conference
  • A Socially Just Practice in an Evolving Marriage and Family Therapy Landscape – American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) professional association seminar

Suggested Keynote/Workshop Topics


Awakening The Fire of Manifestation at Work

This offering delivers three keys to help leaders and their teams ignite and revitalize their drive, spirit and passion in order to expand a shared vision, of personal and professional connection, purpose and growth.

The Conscious Workplace – Why your personal contribution matters

Every professional role, at every level, functions optimally when the value of their role is clearly defined and acknowledged.  This offering aims to educate and inspire leaders and employees to define their personal contribution with meaning and partnership in order to improve work culture.

The Only Way is Through: Addressing burnout, stress and the role of mental health in the workplace through mindfulness, movement and sound

Our reactions, thoughts, movements and voice all have an impact on our energy and emotional systems.  This offering aims to help professionals bring emotional balance and motivation into their daily lives by learning emotional tools, mindfulness practices, gentle movement and the benefit of sound. 

Co-creating in the Workplace

By applying a method from psychotherapy to organizations, this offering aims to improve communication and connection between leaders and employees.  Through co-creation we humanize our professional roles and build an environment of ownership and contribution that leads to healthy relationships, supportive environments and meaningful work.

Motivational/Personal Growth:

The Awakened Journey

Learn the developmental stages of love in every aspect of your life. This offering is an intimate journey of self-exploration about how to love, and grow your definition of love, through compassionate, moving and nourishing wisdom.

A Mindful Life

This in an invitation to come into the stillness of peace that resides within. Experience creating and expanding conscious, passionate and peaceful living through meditation, movement and sound.

A Retreat for Celebrating Ourselves

This experiential offering is a 1 to 4 day retreat designed to help you relax, regenerate and celebrate yourself.  Filled with gentle yoga movement, music, sound healing and fire-side chats, this is a place to rest your mind and body with positivity and nourishment. Designed to fill your cup, participants will walk away with tools for integrating and building these practices into their everyday lives.

All workshops and speaking can be customized to your organization or conference needs.

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