I Love You Jay Shetty

You are the yang to my yin!

He said, she said, Love is in the air! Today we are seeing books about love emerge and Jay Shetty reigns supreme king on the top sellers list with The 8 Rules of Love. We need his book, we need this dialogue, we need this wisdom, and we need more love.

To all this, I will say that I never imagined my literary labor of the heart, The Seven Destinies of Love would be succeeded a few days later by the release of a similar title, The 8 Rules of Love by best-selling author, Jay Shetty, former monk, podcast maven, and coach bringing  peace and purpose to our lives. 

In his latest book, Shetty pulls out all the stops, building his rules with the support of knowledge drawn from Buddhism, Hinduism, research studies and scientists, psychology experts and social workers to name a few. His book is a Divine guide to relationships, weaving expert knowledge and spiritual teachings into practical, modern-day parallels for approaching relationships with compassion, vulnerability, inquiry, exploration and growth. The book is filled with practical advice, accounts from the lives of clients and his own – meant to guide the reader along a journey of learning how to improve their relationships and love in a paradigm that is connected to one’s self-actualization.

Ultimately, I couldn’t help but see and resonate with the overarching Vedic influence of love as a state within us that is always available and branches into the accessibility of love that Shetty offers us. Philosophers throughout history have presented many viewpoints on love as intrinsic, instinctual, transcendental and even cosmic. The important thing to glean from this inherited wisdom is not in the proclivity of the viewpoint, but in humanity’s endless quest to keep dialoguing about love.  Every era has been defined by its socio-political imprint of power as a reflection of our evolution.  Jay Shetty is adding to the imprint of this time in the voice of love and eloquently offers it to the world knowing we have never needed it more.

Similarly, The Seven Destinies of Love takes a psycho-spiritual approach at re-examining love through a series of lessons that help lead us actively through our destiny of self-actualization. Using a psychological approach of development throughout our life span we examine the destinies we learn and grow through from the time of our birth to the time of our death.  Reimagining love beyond the conventional model of romance, The Seven Destinies of Love, gently peels back our definitions and concepts of love, guiding readers through the layers within us that need to be revealed and cultivated to improve our relationships with ourselves, others and the universe.  The journey is designed to completely revamp what we thought love to be in order to simultaneous awaken our rememberance and propel us forward on our paths to finding fulfillment, happiness and, the deepest love possible.

I am heartened by the timing of both books where the masculine voice meets the feminine voice in a joint mission to expand and balance a much-needed realization of the remedy that is available to all of humanity in a time where all voices are included and united by the great force that is love. Thank you, Jay Shetty!  Welcome to Singapore!

Claudia de Llano, is a Marriage and Family Therapist specialized in multicultural approaches to psychology, Speaker, Lecturer, Author and yoga and meditation guide.  She is a Latina American citizen of the world, currently residing in Singapore with her husband, daughter and their golden-doodle, Gracie. To learn more about her go to www.theawakenedjourney.com .  Both books can be found on Amazon.

Claudia de Llano, holds a Master of Arts in Psychology and  is a Marriage and Family Therapist specialized in multicultural approaches, speaker, lecturer, yoga and meditation guide.  She is the author of The Seven Destinies of Love, A Step-by-Step Guide to Awakening the heart. To learn more about her go to www.theawakenedjourney.com .

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