The Spaces in Between

The spaces in between are often the spaces we think about least. They are the spaces where pain and trauma frequently get stored but also where regeneration happens. They are the spaces we are least aware of and the spaces where our potential lies. When we allow our attention to flow to those spaces, inspiration can occur and awaken within us that ineffable flow that allows us to really tap into ourselves and connect to our core. 

In yoga there is a space between the pose and the transition to the next pose. That space is sacred because it’s where the pause occurs as a part of the flow. This pause is a force of possibility for stillness and presence. It is much like the intentional breath where there is pause at the top of the inhale that releases into the cascade of the exhale. Those spaces create a spontaneous void of divine inspiration. Bringing our attention to those spaces can bring us discovery, insight, reflection, opportunity, flow and connection.

Pause for a moment and turn your attention inward. Bring your attention to your ribs.  Notice the spaces between them, perhaps notice any feeling or sensation that arises from this space. Do you experience anything that gets your attention? Now take that attention deeper to the organs within and see the kidneys, the stomach, the lungs, the heart and the intricate web of connections that support the vitality of these organs.  Now visualize, for a moment, the spaces between these organs and this web. What do you see, feel, hear, notice?

Now imagine a tree filled with green leaves flowing from its many branches. Notice the tree from its roots to its trunk, then to its branches and its leaves. Notice its bark, the textures and colors. And pause for a moment and notice the spaces between the leaves.  What do you see, feel, hear, notice?

Now bring your attention into your day today and run through the list of thoughts you’ve had, feelings you may or may not have noticed, activities you planned, and pause.  Try to bring your attention to this pause and release judgement of what arises. Notice and observe this pause. What do you see, feel, hear, notice?

To take this a step further. The next time you pause in your day, see if you can bring your attention to that moment. Try to allow whatever arises to be, and gently use your breath to bring your attention to this space. Allow your inhale to fill your cup and to bring you regeneration and vitality. Allow the pause at the top to hold you without condition. Then use your exhale to release anything you would like to clear. 

This is the space in between. The space where you will come to know yourself beyond your doing. You may experience some discomfort at first. Slowing down isn’t always easy. It’s a skill in and of its own and often scares or unsettles us when it’s new. But if you can find the proper support, encouragement, guidance and motivation, you can begin to cultivate these gaps into golden spaces of potential. Think of them as mini vacations.  Notice when we are on holiday, we are often a better version of ourselves. We can take in joy and relaxation, even play and have fun. We take these gaps because they hold us.  They hold us into the restoration that we need so we may return refreshed. But at a deeper level, these holidays create a space for the roller coaster of emotions to pause.  And this is where our spirit is restored.

Create a space in your day to create space in your mind. This will slow down your emotions, help you observe them and, hopefully, react to them in a different way. And when this happens, these spaces become clear and stillness emerges. To stay with this stillness creates a desire that will make room in our lives for more spaces in between. 

When we create space, we tend to find what we have been seeking. And when we find what we have been seeking, we tend to find the greatest aspects of ourselves. This way of self-care is a conscious union of your heart and mind. So create, allow, seek and find the spaces in between.

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