Love is Our Destiny


And other lessons for 2023

The amount of strength our consciousness must gather in these times to stay awake through the reality that has and is transpiring is overwhelming. It’s heavy, and as such, I can feel my own defence mechanisms rise into denial.  I know this to be true by the way old habits surface, the ones that numb the mind so as not to sit in the depth of grief and loss and transformation that I am, we all, are being called to. The wave of change is here to forever shift the frequency of life as we know it.  At this moment we are all being called into our destiny of love.

On a personal front, I have used the last three years to strategically build the next dimension and expression of how I share and serve others through love. In many ways, I have risen by staying with the emergence of feelings that call me to create and gift.  I have also fallen by the ways in which I haven’t been able to sit in moments of stillness through it all, just feeling into it all. Perhaps this isn’t the time in my life to be so still. Instead, I am simply allowing an observation of the manifestation of my life and emotions through this time.  Many lessons however, have been learned. I’d like to share a few that may resonate with some hearts, maybe yours.

1. Love is our destiny. 

Love is our destiny because it is the only predetermined course in our life.  We cease to give love to ourselves and others through our fear and block our hearts in order to protect ourselves and those close to us. Fear begets hatred, division and superiority – all false veils of reality.  Love persists beneath, above and beyond these veils because it is the illimitable, unquantifiable and infinite source of all existence. 

2. Emotion is our strength.

Allowing what you feel requires great strength.  There are many platitudes, lessons and adages that will tell you how to feel, how to not feel, how things will turn out, but these are all defensive mechanisms that are forgetting to say, it’s okay to feel!  Feel it all, allow it all and embrace it with an open heart because this is the spectrum of the human experience. Learning to tolerate our feelings helps us cope with them rather than avoid them. 

3. Hope is our well.

We are often afraid to hope because we are afraid to be let down, but every vision, every manifestation, every realization sprang from a vision of hope.  To hope is vulnerable and brave.  To hope is to see potential and growth.  To hope is to seed the birth of evolution.  And our evolution is fated.  So hope actively; that is, create what you hope for. There is room for whatever you envision for yourself in this world. The market space is not too crowded, too overdone or too saturated.  You were born to have a place on this planet and create whatever springs from your hope.

4. Selflessness is our healing.

When we share what we have, whether it’s wisdom, love, caring or goods, it means we are experiencing ourselves as a part of the whole.  We must give without expectation and make space for every human being to have their own experience.  This is a tall order for most of us, but is one of the sure paths to releasing our fears that invites our unity, our fullness and our ultimate healing.

5. Forgiveness is our immortality.

This is a course that returns us to the heart, to the essence of all that is divine leaving us to remove all obstacles, imprints and blockages from our lives.  What we forgive we erase.  This is freedom.  And when the soul is free, it is immortal.

This time we are living in is a revolution of the heart.  It is the expression of balance rising through the commotion of the wars, the pandemics, the injustices and the destruction.  By sharing our lessons and rising to a life lived through them we meet ourselves in each other. To express, and work and live from this place shifts our entire psychological experience.  Use your emotions, use your hope, use your selflessness, use your forgiveness to heal and unite with your destiny of love.

Claudia de Llano, M.A., MFT is Author of
The Seven Destinies of Love
 to be released January 26, 2023.

Claudia de Llano, holds a Master of Arts in Psychology and  is a Marriage and Family Therapist specialized in multicultural approaches, speaker, lecturer, yoga and meditation guide.  She is the author of The Seven Destinies of Love, A Step-by-Step Guide to Awakening the heart. To learn more about her go to .

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